Monday, January 4, 2010

log your memory.p365 support

happy new year! Do you have a Year-Long Project in mind for 2010? Good on you! Here is the place where we will support one another by sharing what we collect and how we are going to bring it together.Remember there are no rules here. If you want to take a photo a day, do it. If you are blogging daily or weekly, great. If you are more of a project 52 person, awesome. If you are collecting a favourite recipe each week to make a family cookbook, fabbo. In this thread, make your intentions for the year known. Ask for advice if you want it. Give advice if you have experience or ideas. Tell us your motivation and aim for your project.Can't wait to see your ideas!!! come and introduce yourself in this thread. Keep track of your evidence collection for week 1, and pick up the first freebie template in this thread!
see you there!

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