Sunday, March 28, 2010

one little bird.creative team

good heavens. am i excited or what? i got the most awesome email the other day from Peppermint...otherwise known as one little bird. i applied for her creative team and she actually let me in. i think she made a mistake but i'm going to pretend i know what i'm doing and see how it goes. she doesn't know this, and don't tell her, but Peppermint was my first scrapping crush. i was so in love with her style and mad skills when i first started scrapping, and one day she left a comment on one of my layouts and i died! so you can imagine how thrilled and overwhelmed i am. if you love one little bird stuff like i do, go check out Peppermint's blog, where she is giving away her upcoming kit. check out the preview:
anyway, i'd better get back to just walking around and smiling like a big dork. oh, should probably do some scrapping too...


  1. OMG - I'm so jealous!!! But, congratulations!!! You are definitely perfect for her team (and I'm not.... YET!) Big congratulations to you!!!!

  2. Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you, have fun playing with her beautiful products!