Sunday, March 21, 2010

p365.freebie template

well. my p365 has hit a dismal standstill. am i the only one running out of puff already? i have become lazy with taking photos, finding that some days i take stacks of photos that i love, then i'll have three days in a row where i wouldn't even know where the camera is...but i am going great guns with my journalling, mainly thanks to my Log Your Memory 2010 Logbook.

so, i'm changing tack. i've come up with a new plan. i am going to swing into a weekly scrapping scenario, choosing my four favourite photos from the week, and relaying any journalling i've done in my logbook, editing where i need to. i am going to keep a consitent colour theme too, because that's how i roll. i've picked Noticed, a collab between Three Paper Peonies and Monalisasmiles. i've been stalking jaime (3PP) for ages now, and i'm a big fan of monalisa smiles gorgeousness since hanging out at Mscraps. this kit is yumminess. here's the first page i did (note my brilliant attention to chronological detail):

and i thought, why not make myself some templates, to make it even easier? whammo. here is my first fab four template:

and it is linked. so you can grab it. and use it. however you want. but not to sell. link me up if you do use it, and you also remember where you got it from by the time you get round to using it. or not, it's up to you. but go for gold on the downloading thing, i wanna see if i can beat my last freebie download record. so download twice if you like.

right. time to get on with things now. i shall have to make some more of these, with room for portrait photos too. so stay in touch ok? you should probably know that i'm a site CT member for Log Your Memory. but not for MScraps, Three Paper Peonies or Monalisasmiles. yet. hint hint ladies?

have a happy day!



  1. Lovely layout! Thank you so much for the template! OGM - how I would love to be a CT member for MScraps, 3PP or MonaLisaSmiles!!! Of course, you have some pretty amazing other artist you CT for!! (And I love mine too!) :)

  2. Thank you for the template, I can't wait to play with it.

  3. Fantastic template, thank you so much! I need all the help I can get with P365, I am WAY behind on it. Thank you again, this is beautiful!